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Friday 3 December 2010

Blister Fairy Reminder...London Fashion Week.

Phew! What a week!

Wikileaks, student fees protests, losing the world cup bid, being held hostage in our homes by mother nature. It's small wonder that everyone looks grumpy.

As the snow brings Britain to a grinding halt, here's a little reminder to cheer you all over the weekend.

Anybody that attended London Fashion Week shall remember these two.  No?


Unknown said...

awwww lovely way to brighten the gloom!

Biana said...

Fun picture! Hope you have a great weekend. Watch your step with all that snow outside! :)

Connie Staccato said...

I want to sign up to be a Blister Fairy.

How much snow did you get?

the nyanzi report said...

To Underemployed: The amount of snow we got in Surrey can only measured in my little four year old nephew's height - three feet.

The little guy was swallowed up in the backyard. That's how I found out the amount. The snowman we built looks good though.

*sunday* said...

ha i remember you taking that photo!! hehe those blister thingies were good

Annushka said...

Your blog is lovely!!! Very beautiful post dear))

daniela kate morosini said...

i remember them! they offered me some, i said nom but then you took them! xx

Fashionistable said...

Oh yes I remember them well and fairy godmothers they were too. I said a big yes please to these two. 3 feet of snow. Your poor little nephew. Xxx

SabinePsynopsis said...

The Blister Fairies! I only (took a picture of and) met the blonde lady. She was so lovely and I absolutely adored her positive vibes and smile. Great picture of the 2!

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