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Monday 14 June 2010

These Eyes Have Seen Miles

Here we are again with another picture on loan from The Photodiarist.
Before you read this, just hop over to The Photodiarist and read the story behind these pictures in order to get the essence of what this poem is about.
I have called it...

Somebody's Somebody...(The Untold Story).

There's a wall standing in front of me.
I know I just can't climb.
For I got nothing but wheels for legs.

There's an evil all around me.
Another obstacle that's in my way.
But like an eagle, these pictures will carry my untold story.

The untold story of being cut off from the sunshine,
Where the birds fly.
An untold story of guilt from the past.
An untold story of friends turning away.
An untold story of not knowing how to deal with the shame.
An untold story of a broken heart,
That's filled with pain.
An untold story of the same location but different worlds.
The untold story of a cripple.

I used to be somebody's child,
Used to be somebody's friend,
Used to be somebody's brother,
Used to be somebody's husband,
Used to be somebody's father.
I used to be somebody's somebody.

These eyes have seen miles.


The Photodiarist said...

Incredibly touching poem. I have no idea if it resembles his story in reality, but it does put into words the feeling I get when I look at these photos and when I looked into his eyes.

Biana said...

The poem really suits the photo! I wonder how that man would react, reading this... but these are beautiful words :)

Fashionistable said...

Oh I do so hope he is still some of these things to somebody. Very strong words with The Photodiarist's very strong image.
Thank you for your comments, sorry you missed GFW. Xxx

*sunday* said...

this poem is very sad and touching...

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