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Thursday 10 March 2011

The Coolest Guy - Lancaster Place At The Strand - London.

Does anybody know who this cat is?


Gawgus things... said...

He most certainly is a very cool dude! Lots of chat going on here about LV allowing La Moss to smoke as she went down the runway.. But hey, it's got everyone talking!! Bisous

jill said...

Oh he IS the coolest guy! I think I've seen him somewhere, too, and I don't have a clue what his name is, sorry David!

Thank you for your wise comment, it's true: that's just what it is. I know I'm still interested.. I haven't really had a chance to follow anything in Paris yet, this is my first day to catch up - you're actually THERE right? Lucky you! I'll have to spend a few hours on before I make my choice but looking at Haider Ackermann now, it looks great, in a black white leather kind of way.

Thanks for the film advice: it's funny, I was just looking at the Fair Game description but didn't know anything about it. If I stop typing THIS MINUTE I'll have time for a coffee before the show. When are you back in London?

Oh one last thing: weird coincidence, Delphine @ GQ just sent me a link to a post - and you're on it too! Have you seen it yet?

Safe trip home - LondonIS home these days is that correct? Hope to see you soon.


Prutha Raithatha said...

loving this guys style and look...he's hot!!!


there are so many parts of his ensemble i love, truly amazing images- i'm now following you!

Stay cinched.

Adorngirl said...

oh my word I can finally comment on your posts. you upladed so many pics my computer coouldn't cope and took forever downloading all the gorgeous photos, but not opening this section. next season you have to take me to Paris, it loks like you had so much fun and by the time it rolls around again the weather should be even nicer.

also i think a lot of these photos are Jak & Jil quality, but the pazazz of what only you could capture, safe return home lovely. xx

Fashionistable said...

He is very cool indeed. I think it was a great PR stunt to get Kate and her ciggie on the runway. Just look at how much press it got. Much more than the collection - front page and everything, everywhere. Xxxx

Adorngirl said...

p.s I remember seeing him on Jen (style crusader) blog his name should be there

SabinePsynopsis said...

I can SO see him in the Vivienne Westwood store - charming the punters (male and female).
Haider Ackermann for sure. I think I would have given my little finger to see it IRL. (Nah, just kidding...)

It-Blogirls said...

you have an amazing blog
love your shots from fashion week, it was so nice :)

the style crusader said...

Love this guy too! I kept telling people I thought he was the coolest thing I'd ever seen... featured photos on him from this day as well. I thought he told me he worked for Vice Japan... hmmm... what a mystery.

Omg, there are way too many shows that captured my imagination. Have been spending way too much time watching videos from the shows on on my ipad...

Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Valentino... HAIDER ACKERMANN... insane. So many different looks coming down the runway... and so many things to be inspired by.

Just have to make it through the summer and then we can do it all again! Hooray!


A La Mode said...

Wow this guy is awesome! What a character.

As far as favourite collections go, it has to be Givenchy overall Haider Ackermann closely followed, they both blew my mind!

Unknown said...

Ah yes, he is definitely "snap-worthy". I love his collection of rings!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fashion Ranger said...

Aahh!! I love it. :-)

styleeast said...

This guy is amazing! I shot him too but they didn't come out anywhere near as well as yours. I have to say, I love Japanese men's style, they've got it going on

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