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Wednesday 8 December 2010

On the street...The leaflet distributor, Croydon.

Although I would most certainly take whatever promotional material this beautiful young lady was dishing out to the public, I do find myself having to shake my head continuously all the time when I'm out and about.

As christmas approaches nearer and nearer, do you find yourself bombarded with promotional material everytime you step onto the street?


SabinePsynopsis said...

I don't step on the street, I hide! But then, if I did step on the street I might meet beautiful girls like her - who really reminds me a bit of a young Demi Moore, no?

Connie Staccato said...

I find myself taking the material, unless the distributor is obnoxious or obviously crazy, because I feels sorry for them. And, yes, there are many people on the street handing out literature, which I don't care for.

However, the people you REALLY bombard you are the panhandlers and con artists - at least in Chicago!

Unknown said...

brighton is the worst for leaflettinG! boooOO! love her scarf x

the nyanzi report said...

Sabine, now that you mention it, she does sorta kinda look like Demi...

Unknown said...

Yes I am alway bombarded in the city with all sorts. I wish they would give out tissues or other such useful things like the do in Japan.

Oh she is a pretty lady!

TorontoVerve Street Style said...

Lovely shots.

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