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Thursday 9 December 2010

Couriers on a break...Soho, London.

Can I just say that this is one of those jobs that gives the employee freedom to dress as they so wish.

Aren't they so innnovative in their way of dress? Instant recognition. Hard-wearing, comfortable and oh so cool.

With that said, the job they do is so vital to the day to day running of business. Can you imagine the carnage that would ensue in the business world if these guys went on strike?


Connie Staccato said...

Interesting point. Not even fax machines and emails with virtual signatures have been able to replace the couriers.

And I think people should always be able to wear whatever they want to work, unless their jobs require them to be easily identified by a uniform.

On the other hand, many people would use this privilege look like rag-pickers or $5 hookers, so maybe that's not such a good idea.

The Photodiarist said...

Do you think that they have freedom to dress as they wish? What if one of them wanted to wear a suit? I think Couriers have a uniform of sorts. These guys look a lot like the couriers in the US. Shorts over running tights and big messenger bag. Lots of layers.

Nadine2point0 said...

What a universal look! Couriers in Toronto look the exact same, whether the are on bikes, roller blades or by foot. Pretty much a rebellion against uniforms of the Canada post employees and UPS duds. Ugh.
David, imagine how ineffective cute-y pie leaflet distributor would be with this type of style? She'd still have her full stack at sundown.

Angel said...

I have friends who are couriers, It just comes down function. As the weather changes, the more extreme their accessories and layers get, And you can tell how long a messenger has been ridding by how big their bag is, bigger bags are for bigger jobs which go to the senior riders because they pay more. It is very much a fascinating way of life.

Angels Point of View - Street Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

More excellent shots.

I have to say I would rather be indoors in weather like this!

Biana said...

Great pictures. Looks like they are having Fun doing their job. As much as I love technology, internet and gadgets. I still love sending and receiving handwritten postcards and letters the old-fashioned way. I love the sensation of opening an envelope and see a well-written letter or card. Or getting postcards from friends who are on vacation.

Prutha Raithatha said...

these r fantastic images david.... great job... i agree with nadine that messengers all over the world look the same..they look exactly like this in nyc but for some reason i keep having major crushes on fedex guys... i dont know y, but i think fedex employees every good looking men!!! ..damn, i really have low standards dont i? hehehe...

Peace in Pieces said...

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