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Friday 13 August 2010


Guess 'who...'


Biana said...

Haha!!! Oh man, you're killing me here.. What a transformation!! Now I get the title. To be honest.. when I saw the hands first I thought it was a woman.
But I do wonder which one is his real hair, though.. Sure is an interesting fellow... he seems totally different now.

p.s. I'm no fashion expert but didn't know those "puffy-shoulder-blouses" were also worn by men.

The Photodiarist said...

Did not expect that. Did not expect a dude at the end of the post. What a fantastic look. Really eclectic taste in accessories!

Connie Staccato said...

I want to go shopping with HIM!

Fashionistable said...

Wow. He looks so different. Cool. Love the jewelry. That ring is amazing. Liking this look more than the 1st. Great spot. Xxxx

Nadine2point0 said...

He definitely straightened those locks in the last post, and has since dyed them and embraced his curls. I should be so courageous!
Need that bangle with the two rams facing each other....the Aries in me love it!
Great taste in accessories.

Every Body Has A Story to tell? said...

Hello all I’m the freak in the photos my name is Scott.
First of all I want to say I never asked to have my photo taken to be put on this blog. I was on my dinner brake and some nice lad asked to take my photo so for a laugh I said yes. See the best thing in life is to hear the sound of laughter so I’m forever laughing. Thanks for making us laugh so much Biana if that’s your name? What you say is true and funny very well done.
Here is your follow up to do with my messed up hair- I was born with the sad curse of having a moon head or as the lovely Tyra Banks says "five head". So I always try to cover up the moon head hence the comb over, headband or anything else that will cover up that bad boy. I have only warn a wig once when I played Angel in a production of Rent so what you see in both photos is my real hair dyed or straitened hair. Oh and I was born with a full head of blonde crazy curly hair, much like a white Currly Wurly bar. Seen as I’m talking so much about my hair I should thank my amazing hair dresser Danielle Hollis not that she needs a name drop as she stands very well on her own two feet.
As for the name of Fashion “What Is Fashion?”

Biana said...

Hi Scott, I was a bit surprised to read your comment in my email this morning.
Let me just say that I'm sorry you had the feelling to explain/defend yourself because of my remark. But I'm glad you did. Reading my comment now, it may sound a bit insensitive/snobbish. Didn't mean it in that way, though. I do think your very cool for doing this, and I should really be thanking you for giving us those pics. So thank you!

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