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Saturday 22 May 2010

The Bar Tender

Yesterday I said we were gonna delve into some financials of hip-hop fashion labels... (yawn). I've changed my mind and decided to swiftly move onto this young lady who I run into the last time I was in London's Soho. I hadn't noticed her at first coz I was running to some other appointment but then I just caught sight of her outfit as we bypassed each other coz you know I'm always 'on the hunt' especially in this part of town.

I immediately turned around and run back two steps at a time till I got to her and gave her 'the-everybody-needs-visual-stimulation-speech' till she obliged me and also gave a cute smile to go with it...

We didn't take long since we were both running late but from the little conversation we had, I got to know that she worked in a bar nearby and her shift had already begun 20 minutes ago... ooops!


Lady M said...

Image(photo) is clear to me.
I think that image is a common language in the world.It's beautiful thing.
(sorry,English is not my native language.)
It's just my feeling.Please forget it.
And your hip-hop fashion post is great too.

By the way,her hair color is beautiful!
And T-shirt is wonderful.It's cool.
I'm in a light mood because I feel go to traveling from your photo.

Biana said...

She has great style, and I love the high wasted pants combined with the short top. It gives me nostalgy to my youth ha ha the eighties!!! I remember when my sister used to doll me up when I was young. I love the elegants of her outfit combined with the biker jack. Nice spot nyanzi report!

The Photodiarist said...

Love her hair color!

Prutha Raithatha said...

love the short tee... nice find

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