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Sunday 23 May 2010

Back When...

Back when I was still incredibly impressionable, I had an unhealthy obssession with LV product that I went and purchased this back pack from a market vendor in London just to show off to my friends that I was 'the man'. Cost £30.

In hind sight, I shouldn't have done it coz the counterfeit market hepls fuel some hedious crimes like terrorism and the like. I couldn't be bothered with that back then; all I wanted was to look fly; whether real or fake, until I started to read and research into the plight of child labourers in south-east asia and the under world that run these organised crime syndicates and their connection to human injustice.

This brought up one question- what are these big corporates doing to combat this illegal trade?
Well, I was pleased to find that LV spends atleast $14 million anually chasing and prosecuting these guys and anyone dealing them. Case in point was on 30th June 2008 the landmark case LV won $63 million from E-bay for selling counterfeit products.

Atleast some one is doing something to combat this global scourge.

On a lighter note, I saw this backpack on the mens'wear day during LFW...

Nowadays, I'm content with my red and black tote from Reiss that I got at a reasonable sum of £117. Never been happier with it since it carries every thing including the kitchen sink and still goes strong. They don't make em any more coz the other day I went online to get one in just black and they had been discontinued.


Biana said...

I always refuse to wear fake. I feel it's disrespectful to the creator/designer. I feel different about stuff that are inspired by famous designs, but not exact copies. I like your bag, it's large, for lots of stuff! Hi hi, I love to carry lots of stuff with me also! Nice post, illegal/inhumane trade should be a big reason not to wear fake, you're right on that one!

Lady M said...

Great post.
I always don't buy fake.
Fake's quality is different from the original.
And there is not designer's soul.

There are bad working environment in many fields.(It's not only a field of fashion.)
I'm sad to hear the news.

First of all,let's move from oneself!

The Photodiarist said...

I hate fake. I'd rather have a burlap bag or a straw bag or a designer bag that I can afford than a fake designer bag. Not to knock the younger you, but fake is fake. I agree with everything about this post!

Fashionistable said...

I feel the same way and it extends very strongly into counterfeit movies too. I get quite passionate about it. Xxxxx

Nabila said...

yes it is a real problem but i love the second rucksack loads!

Nabila xo

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