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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

London - Woodseer St. (Just off Brick Lane).


Larissa said...

her outfit is gorgeous, love the wat the structured jacket constrast the loose pants! xo

Mat said...

i like the shapes

Underemployed said...

She's perfect. And the "barnacles" on her purse keep it fun.

I love the way the her colors echo in the wall behind her, and the lines of the street bellow...the yellows and bits of gold.

Fashionistable said...

She is right on trend with her sheer shirt. Xxxx

Deppa said...

Oh such a perfect outfit, she looks goegeus and very lovely.
My heart belongs to this outfit today <3

See you!

Fashion Tales said...

Love the colour palette. The handbag is pretty fabulous.

Nora Fab said...

So pretty!


Angela said...

like your bag!
nice trousers!
Angela Donava

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