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Thursday 26 April 2012

Urban Rider Style - Duke Street, Selfridges - London.

It may not be your usual straight forward fashionista style, but...I have to say, I like it...especially if done with such nonchalance as this gentleman here - a clever use and balance of colours and patterns.


Matthew Spade said...

agreed, really like it, serves a purpose

Connie Staccato said...

I love it! He looks smart and fun.

Unknown said...

This way to wear shorts reminds me a collection from CDG and I actually like it!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Very cool and, as you say, balanced (between his plaid shorts and the striped collar and neutrals everywhere else). This guy is probably more studied than he appears to be. xx

styleeast said...

Cool dude

Anonymous said...

Go Ray!!!

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