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Monday 26 July 2010

Death Penalty.

Pro or Anti?

I've never thought that the death penalty is a good idea. When a state calmly and coolly, and in sound mind, decides that it is going to kill someone, that's actually premeditated murder. And when they administer the lethal injection infront of an invited audience of priests and officials on a sort of stage, well, that's just bizzare.

Think about it, When you empower the judiciary to kill someone, you are not even hoping that the person will be rehabilitated. It is pure punishment. But who's the punishment aimed at? The people who actually suffer the most are the next of kin. And they weren't the ones who did the crime.

I'm not saying we should be soft on murderers, rapists and thieves. I'd like very much to lock them up in a cell and tell them they can only eat what they cultivate in their body hair. And I wouldn't heat the jail either, or provide plumbing. But I absolutely couldn't support a state that declares murder is wrong and then hammers the point home by publicly and openly murdering people.

That said, I would most certainly give thought to the support of the quiet assassination of troublemakers because it seems somehow less revolting.


Biana said...

For me... it depends on the act. When someone is a real psycho/serial murderer and has no remorse whatsoever, and killing innocent people in cold blood, I have no pity. In that case, I say.. an eye for an eye! If they take away people's right to live, than their right to live must be taken from them too.

I don't think the death penalty must be used for the wrong intentions (e.g. a scare method from the authorities). But in some cases jailtime just isn't enough. I'm trying to place myself in the shoes of someone who has lost a family member or someone (s)he loves dearly in a brutal brutal unfair way by some psycho serial killer/rapist.
I would want justice for my loved one. It doesn't bring the person back, I know. But still...

p.s. I think I formed my opinion partly because I watched so many crime scene documentaries on discovery channel (bak in the day), and have seen what some people are capable to do to other human beings without a feeling of remorse or intention to change.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Great post. The death penalty seems quite barbaric to me. Also there is always the possibility of a judicial mistake, but by then it might be too late.

The Photodiarist said...

Anti. For the reason given by SabinePsynopsis. A mistake could be made.

Connie Staccato said...

I agree. Institutionalized killing does seem revoltingly cold-blooded. Whatever happened to exile?

M said...

What was the inspiration to write this post?

Definitely anti.We think about ourselves as 'the sophisticated ones'. What an irony. We've hardly left the Colosseum. The most pathetic moment? (as you said)When the 'audience' comes together with priests. Hmm...religion and killing?!Yeah, 'perfect' mixture.

Thank you for your comment. You are too kind. I do appreciate.

Fashion Abuse

Nadine2point0 said...

Exile - love that idea, Underemployed. But to where? Australia? Oh...oops. Done that. How about they keep going south to the Antarctic.

There have been so many mistakes in the past but now with furthering the scientific aspects of criminal investigations, I would hope that errors are on the downward slope.

My general opinion of harming others for a crime they commit against another human, has changed drastically since we have had our 2 sweeties. Eye for an eye on that one, but to the death? Probably not.

We haven't practiced capital punishment in Canada since the late 70's. Here is something maybe you didn't know: The country still provides our worst offenders the right to any amount of education while they are incarcerated. Many countries do. Free. I have a problem with this on so many levels. My husband and I spent alot of money on our's why we are already saving for our children. But to think that the scumbags/bagettes get it free? CRAZY.

Castrate the rapists. Let the others rot in their own filth. No plumbing gets my vote, David.

Fashionistable said...

I agree with you on the death penalty, even though I know someone who was murdered. I am glad we don't have the death penalty in our country. Mistakes were made when we did. The prisons here are too soft though. All the talk of human rights....what bout the human rights of the victim? If you commit murder then you should automatically loose yours. How about hard labour? I would like to see criminals actually working for the good of the greater community as part of their sentence and by that I dont mean picking up rubbish. Strong post. Xxxx

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