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Monday 19 July 2010

Can I Live?

Enough with the eco-mentalists' claptrap.

In exchange for cheap oil, Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London took £8 a day from middle-class londoners in the form of Conjestion Charge under the guise of 'saving the planet' and gave it to a crackpot South American lunatic. This means the capital is choked with buses full of petty criminals fleeing the police.

According to new research, power stations and transport produce lots of carbondioxide, but in addition they also produce lots of aerosols that, in the short term at least, help keep the planet as cool as a deodorant model's armpits.

So who has come up with new theory? Some half-crazed nitwits? Yes. It is an organisation called Earth Save, which is run and funded, so far as I can tell, by the usual array of free-range communists and fair-trade hippies.

The facts it produces, however, are intriguing. Methane, which pours from a cow's bottom on an industrial scale every few minutes, is 21 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbondioxide. And as a result, farmed animals are doing more damage to the climate than all the world's transport and power stations put together.

Twenty first century living requires more and more of the world's forests being chopped down, and more and more pressure is being put on our water supplies. True. Having said that, if this were not to take place, then we should all drop whatever we are doing and go back to living in caves and eating ants? In otherwords, the stone age?

Plainly then, Earth Save is encouraging us to stop eating all forms of animal products. No more milk. No more cheese. And if it can be proven that bees fart, then no more honey either. You've got to become a vegan.

Now, of course, if you don't like the taste of meat, then it's perfectly reasonable to become a vegetablist. It's why people who don't like, say, the political commentators on Fox News such as Glenn Beck become Democrats. But becoming a vegan? Short of being paraded in public naked but only wearing a fluffy pink tutu, I can think of nothing I'd like less.

Eating a plate of food that contains no animal product of any kind marks you down as a rodent. Eating only vegetables is like deciding to talk using only consonants. You need vowels or you make no sense.

I'm sure Earth Save, other vegetablists and eco-mentalists alike dream of a land as pristine as nature intended but it'd be no such thing. What is done is done. We cannot un-invent the automobile, the aeroplane, electricity and many other things that improve our quality of life but they claim are damaging the planet. It's like, say, trying to reverse the development of a female's bosoms.

Now at this point you might be thinking I'm a crazed half-wit. Maybe. I do care for the planet on which we inhabit. I swear, I do. But when some bureaucrat with nothing better to do with their time decides to make illusory decisions that affect millions of people who are capable of making their own in a sensible and informed way, the daggers come out.

Can we get back to scientifically proven facts concerning the planet and stay away from listening to scaremongering inaccuracies?

Can I live?


noone said...

I think I love meat too much to become a vegetarian... let alone not eat an animal products to become a vegan. ha! but I recycle... lol

Biana said...

Ofcourse you can live ;) hihi. I love your passion in these kind of posts.

I eat meat too, and wear leather. I don't ever think I can become a vegetarian (Even though I have my meatless days sometimes). And yes a volcanic erruption does relatively more damage in a short amount of time than we do. I'm also with you that you can't turn back time and all the wonderful convenient inventions of mankind. But aside from the ego hypocrits who claim to care for the planet but really care for their pocket, I do think we should stay aware and try to look for alternatives.

I'm not saying we should give up all the luxury, but instead of spending money on wars and other needless things, why not spent it on science to search for alternatives for the day when our oil and raw materials reserves are gone and we've worn out mother nature. I think that should be one of our priorities too.

Nadine2point0 said...

Hey David, really great post.

I'm a vegetarian for a few different reasons, but I feed my family and guests meat and make no judgment on their choices. I actually see my daughter going through the same things I did when I was 11 and unlike my German mother who scoffed at me for not enjoying meat 3 times a day....I know it's coming and I'll support what she chooses to do/ eat as long as it's healthy. There ARE so many options for those of us who don't eat meat. The stores here have opened their minds exponentially since I was a tween.
I AM a Lacto-ovo vegetarian, and have been since I stopped producing babies. Love dairy and don't know if I could let it go. I tell you what though, if I didn't enjoy dairy so much, and eggs being in baked goods, I could stop in a blink. I struggle with it, let me tell you.
It seems entirely natural to me that we, as animals, should be exercising our dominance on the planet to eat the eggs and young of a weaker species. I get it.
But I would like to travel back in time at which point the decision was made by a neanderthal to grab and suck the teat of another creature (no vessels for storage back then) and reason that it was a great idea.
Have you seen "Food Inc"? It's a bit preachy but throws around some interesting facts...and I live and breath FACTS.

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