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Monday 7 June 2010

For Sale

When I saw this picture on The Photodiarist-(who was kind enough to loan it to me),I began thinkng about what the text at the bottom was suggesting, "Was he selling a part of an old life? Or a part of his current dreams?"

After a couple of moments, I came up with these thoughts...

Thoughts Of A Broken Man's Dreams.

"Where I was born, nothing is promised,
My life is filled with less hope than the prophecies of Nostradamus,
Government funds are minimal,
It's hard for me to find a piece a mind,
hard for me to surpress thoughts of suicide,
coz between insanity and sanity there lies a thin line."

"I used to dwell in hotels with Jezebels,
then fell victim to the plague,
unclean dreams of being a drug fiend cloud my thoughts,
Now who would think that your best friend would be your worst enemy and your worst enenmy your best freind?"

"If I should fall asleep and death takes me away,
Don't be surprised coz I wasn't put here to stay.
At night, the evil armies of Satan patrol these streets.
Even though I'm trying to beat life while staring in the face of uncertainty. "


Biana said...

you've got wonderful imagination, and beautiful writing skills!

Fashionistable said...

David, your thoughts are very dark these days. Are you OK? Xxxx

The Photodiarist said...

Wow! Powerful poem. Biana is right. You do have great writing skills and a great imagination.

Prutha Raithatha said...

check out the last picture in this post of mine

see the wall graffiti behind... i think its totally apt with this post... lol...

ur poem is brilliant fyi... keeep it coming


the style crusader said...

ah, the fugees are great. i love 'family business'. beautiful photo - i love the photodiarist. xx

Lady M said...

Your written word is interesting.
(Maybe,I can't understand all meanings.Because it's poetic.)
But It's great.Please keeping it.

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