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Tuesday 25 May 2010

What Is Rich?

Rich is
Rich is knowing.
We have money, yes.
But we are not rich.

We are like the children who inherit money from the father they never knew.
They have not been brought up to spend it.
They have it in their hands; they don't know how to use it.
If you don't know how to spend money, you are not rich.
We are not rich.

Without this knowledge, this understanding, we are nothing.
We import everything.
The bricks to make houses, we import.
The men who build them, we import.
You go to the market, what is there that is made by us? Nothing.
It is Chinese, German, Italian is not ours.
Is a country rich that cannot make a brick, or a motorcar, or a book?
It is not rich, I think.


Adorngirl said...

Preach! so true, you be surprised about how much we take for granted. When I have my problems I feel sad, but I am always reminded of how someone else has it much worse. I am rich in time, and family. x

Lady M said...

I think that rich is...
Have beautiful mind,pure mind,believe in mind over matter,have a mind of one's own,learn by experience,learn a lesson from nature,think about this world(especially,about other countly)and the earth,think about social problem,think about world's peace...and lot of things.
Rich or poor is mind problem.
You are rich,if you have a love.

Biana said...

I believe your rich, when you have a purpose, and a goal. When your motivated and have a passion for something. There is nothing worse than having to live a life without meaning, or better said, to have a journey without a destination.

Rich is different for everyone or every country, it's measured by how far you've come with the talents you have and the recourses available.

Nadine2point0 said...

We have this conversation in different forms with our 11 and 9 year-olds all the time here. In Canada, we have the opportunity to buy alot of locally made items (food, clothes, art etc. ) but so many mechanical items, and parts of goods are made in the U.s or China. My mom just got back from visiting her homeland Germany and brought a few things for our children and we all laughed because a couple of things were actually made in China. Crazy.
My husband and I feel very rich living in Canada, with good health and lots of love. Do we have enough money. Yep. Would we want more? Sometimes. Such a difference between need and want - especially when we see what is happening in the Gulf with the oil spill and Haiti and Jamaica right now.
Great post. Made me think over my coffee this morning.

Have a good weekend!

Karena said...

Love, love your thoughts, your images, your site!! Wonderful! Surprise is on my site!

Art by Karena

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