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Saturday 8 May 2010

Shy Gal...Part 1.

Although it ended a million years ago, allow me to scrape the barrel of what's left of my fashion week diary to present these characters who seemed to be not at all preoccupied with the proceedings of the day.

Fashion week attracts all sorts of interesting characters like this...

And this...

There is no denying the fact that these guys are going to be all over the blogo-sphere and any other media you can imagine. I sometimes join in the circus that usually follows these guys and take shots coz let's face it, you can't ignore them.

On the other hand I mostly spend my time shooting shoes and scouring the peripheris for those quiet yet fashion conscious characters who wouldn't normally be shot by the camera-totting fray. Yet these in my opinion are the real beauties worthy of a cover...

Something tells me this gal is anything what the title suggests. Infact, she is anything but. She is the talented ms. shini of park and cube.


The Photodiarist said...

You may certainly scrape the barrel . . . because these are great shots. Especially the first two!

Lady M said...

Wow,2nd photo is so wonderful!!

Nadine2point0 said...

The Barbie heads are crazy - in a totally delightful way. Is that possible? 2nd last female is a bit of a pedestrian hazard, no?

Anyhow, just added you to my follow-up list.

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