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Friday 26 March 2010

The Yellow Number.

Everybody Loves Marian.

The first time I saw Marian, many many seasons ago, she was wearing this yellow number. I later came to find out that she is the formidable force of fashion behind multi-platform fashion website

What struck me first was the richness of the colour and as she came closer I realised the detailing of the thing. It stood out so much from the sea of black that is ubiquitous at fashion week and to add to that was the unusually large bag (I thought she had her whole house in there!) that her 'partner in crime' was carrying for her (bottom right).

I asked her to pose for me before a flurry of camera-totting photographers swooped in on her.
Since then, every fashion week, she's one of the three people I look out for on the first day to see what they are wearing. Marian, Kate Lanphear and Erin O'Connor.

These three individuals have that rare natural ability that I call 'intrinsic style.' They get it! It's always exciting to see what they are wearing from day to day during fashion week and I suspect it does not stop there. It carries on daily.
For example, Marian has this number she is wearing on her site(Crave A Dress Day, March 25th) and she explains her thoughts behind it among other things.

We have become good 'fashion week friends' since then. The other day I was going through my old and new fashion week shots and her pictures kept coming up and to add to that the other day I was at Vanessa Jackman (thank you Photodiarist) and look what I found in her archives!
She was kind enough to let me use these.

Très chic!


The Photodiarist said...

Lovely Marian! Such vivid yet elegant style.

the style crusader said...

she is gorgeous! i checked out her blog and i totally love it! xx

Fashionistable said...

The splashes of colour are wonderful.

Nadege said...

Marian is the syle diva! Her fashion articles
are always on the cutting edge. Marian has an
innate ability to discern what styles and
designers are important to the fashion industry
as a whole.

And just to add frosting to the cake she
is beautiful and humble.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :D I thought she was a famous model when I first saw her at LFW LOL

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