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Friday 12 March 2010

The Bag and The Girl.


Anonymous said...

woah that's one massive bag.

The Photodiarist said...

LOL! I love love love her coat. But the bag made me laugh. And the title. She could sit in that thing.


haha...that's me! and my coat! I was in such a hungover-throw-any-mad-outfit on mood that day!

I would happily sit in that bag, totally Marc Jacobs/ Victoria Beckham ad campaign....

the style crusader said...

nyanzi i am confused... did you design this bag? i've got a picture, of you i think, with it from fashion week...? am i losing it? xx

the nyanzi report said...

Yes I did.
One of many things I'm working on.

jill said...

That's Imogen!!!

Hang on... I didn't know you're a designer, David, as well! I love it! I'm so into turquoise right now. What other colours?

Just realised I hadn't linked you yet - do you do blog rolls? Want to swap? - I've put your blog under UK Style. Oh and mentioned you in a post today (tickled pink).

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