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Sunday 21 February 2010

London Fashion Week... Day 3.

When I woke up this morning, I did the first thing that I do daily.

Peaking through the window (which by the way is across the bedroom and it always feels like a whole lifetime getting to it when one is half dead).

As usual the weather did not disappoint (that means it was raining heavily. 'ah, the great British weather')

I had already picked out my outfit the night before and it contained velvets, suede and nubucks (I'm guessing right now you know where I'm going with this. No wet weather please, thank you very much).

I now remembered the wise words someone once told me, 'always check the weather for the next day before you pick out your outfit.'

So I decided to stay home.

Here are some of the shots I took on day 2.

Enjoy! I'll be back tomorrow shooting. (fingers crossed the weather holds up).

Valentino. 'The Last Great Emperor'... work of art.

And now for our feature presentation...

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